NHL Streams Reddit – Free Live streaming platform is shutting down

It has been such a devastating year for many people, and hockey fans are no exception. Albeit knowing that nothing is too good to be true, it is so sad to be informed that Reddit nhlstreams forum was shut down. Fortunately, we have provided a place like that (if not better) to watch free live stream hockey games. Let’s get started!

Reddit nhlstreams forum shut down over ‘illegal links’

Anti-copyright violation laws are being strengthened day by day. In the last few years, we have seen many crackdowns from copyright holders.

r/nhlstreams is no exception. The moderator of this subreddit was forced to issue a shutdown notice.


All good things must come to an end. We're truly saddened to announce that after 6 awesome years, we will no longer allow submissions on r/NHLStreams.

This is due to too many DMCA takedown requests against links recently posted. We have been sent an official warning and therefore we are very close to being banned by Reddit, so we are taking this as an opportunity to inform users what to do next.”

All posts from this Reddit have been removed and the moderator, CZ-Jack thanked anyone who was a member of this community. He also shared a few words for them below.

How does r/nhlstreams work ?

Just like r/soccerstreams, r/nflstreams, r/nbastreams… the sharing of links to live stream hockey tournaments is similar.

Links will be accessible in the discussion section 30 minutes before they begin. Streamers will post under the comments section, and at the same time, viewers will choose the best streams to watch.

What is popular alternative to r/nhlstreams you can  find the best nhl streams to watch

Well, the question now is what are the best alternatives to Reddit NHL Streams that you would say now? Where to watch the Reddit NHL Stream?

Our websites, nhlstreamshd.com and nhlstreamlinks.com, are honored to become the first alternatives to reddit r/nhlstreams subreddit:

These sites work similar to subreddits, and they are even more optimized. All matches will be updated as soon as possible. Besides, you can even preview the broadcast link of the matches 1 hour before the matches take place.

We hope our sites can help you to forget about reddit, and hope you choose Nhlstreamshd.com and nhlstreamlinks.com as the best alternatives to r/nhlstreams.

Wrap Up

Let’s check out NHL66 nhlstreamshd.com and nhlstreamlinks.com  and discover the outstanding features right now! Once you do that, you will not be disappointed ever.

Do you have any questions about our sites? Let us know in the comment section below!